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    Hi I am Rory MacColl and welcome to my blog, any comments or questions you wish ask, shoot and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, cheers.

Amazon taking the piss?

I got this in Q Magazine a few months ago in the build up to Christmas and I recently came across it again while looking for some paper and decided it was blog worthy cause it very interesting. ‘Ye olde musical curiosity shoppy’ that sounds to me like its taking the piss as Amazon is … Continue reading

Olympics Art Installation

This idea originated through trying to find a way to promote the olympics in a way that is exciting and engages with the public. I started out with foot prints outside the stadium taking you to your seats from the car park. This came from a previous project looking at what me and another designer … Continue reading

Interesting Box

Interesting Box For christmas my dad received a Burger Press and it came in a really simple but beautifully designed and laid out box. It is so different compared to a lot of food product based designs which are usually quite dull and similar to each other. This design is engaging and the way in … Continue reading

Show a little faith there’s magic in the night…

I’m aware that I have put a lot of tattoo designs on my profile but it is an element of design and a style that is not only potent but give me the chance to really exercise ways of expressing through creative imagery. This tattoo design is based on the music quote in the design … Continue reading

Album Cover Design

Over the summer I have been creating a few personal projects and of which that I have finished is an EP cover design. This design is inspired by the title track, the sound and feel of the album as well as its potential association with other musicians and genres. The album has up to four … Continue reading

Magazine Layout

We where given an essay about graphic design written by a graphic design. This was by Lucienne Roberts and the essay is called ‘read me! Literacy In Graphic Design’. The brief was to design a 4 page typographic layout of any size which reflected upon what the essay is saying. It talks about the roles … Continue reading


  My latest design is my latest tattoo. I am originally from scotland and sure i could have gone for a flag or the Scotland rugby union logo as I considered but they seemed too…obvious…laking in substance in terms of design. So I decided to get something that made my pride of my origins clear but … Continue reading